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Mitsubishi Motors: MIVEC Engine

Posted in Automobiles on June 30, 2008 by benntan

Mitubishi’s MIVEC Engines? What are they and why do I want it? Cutting through the clutter of a typical page in the newspaper, these hard-hitting headlines say it all.


Mitsubishi Motors: The Colt Plus

Posted in Automobiles on June 30, 2008 by benntan

Think you can only get 20% more offers on your cereal? You can get the same on a car; the Mitubishi Colt Plus. The extra 30cm boot space is innovatively hightlighted through these creative magazine print ads.

Mitsubishi Motors: Launch of the new Mitsubishi-i

Posted in Automobiles on June 30, 2008 by benntan

The Mitsubishi-i was the first Mitsubishi concept car that made it to the streets. Boasting a distinct bean shape, it was instantly recognisable on the roads and was the perfect car for the design conscious
community. Potential buyers could choose from a myriad of colours and decals to stamp their unique identity on their very own Mitsubishi-i.

Print Campaign Ads:

OOH Executions:

Launch Party Invite Card:

KIA MOTORS: Rebranding Campaign

Posted in Automobiles on June 19, 2008 by benntan

KIA cars did not have a great reputation among Singaporeans. In a country where cars serve more as a status symbol than a mode of transport, being best known for affordability did nothing to raise the prestige of the KIA brand – even though KIA cars provided above average performance for urbanites.

Opinions weren’t going to be changed overnight. So instead of trying to convince Singaporeans that KIA cars were faster or cooler than the Hondas and BMWs, the campaign quickly acknowledged its current image and focused on simply getting Singaporeans to test drive a KIA and judge its performance for themselves.

Campaign press ads: